Creating a presence on the web is more than just arranging pictures and words. It is crafting a digital expression of your personality, your goals, your expertise. It is arranging the flow of information so that it is easy to follow and difficult to forget. It is communicating to your customers and visitors the level of professionalism and expertise that you offer and then leading them to the ultimate conclusion that you are the final stop in their search. In short, your website should be your best business suit, your most polished resume, your little black dress, and your fireworks display all in one. Your website is your business’ face to the rest of the world. Let us help you make it great.


In 1972, a graphic design student in Portland, Oregon, was commissioned to design a logo for an off the wall shoe company. Forty+ years later, that young woman’s design has transcended its humble $35 beginnings and become recognized worldwide as one of the most familiar icons in modern sports history: the Nike swoosh.

That is the essence of the Jones House term Branding: to create a representation of your name, company, business, or product that your potential customers and clients come to equate with what that product is. We want to design a logo for you that conveys meaning, strikes an emotional chord, and leaves your brand indelibly etched into the minds of your potential customers. We may start by designing you a logo, but our goal is to leave you with a legacy.


We’ve all heard the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yeah, right. When was the last time you followed that advice? In this day of mega-stores and internet sales giants (rhymes with “Lamazon”), your product has to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. And picked up. And bought. That’s where we can help.

Let us help you design packaging for your product, your book, your new invention that will revolutionize the world. With our experience and creativity, we can give you a design that will get noticed. And getting noticed is…well, you get it.


From business cards and letterhead to magazine ads and billboards, if it represents you, it needs to be great. As a design team, it’s our job to create a design that represents you and your company in the most genuine and professional way. We work hard to get to know you and then translate your style and personality onto whatever media tells your story the best.

Everyone has a story. Let us help you tell yours.